Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Magic of the FA cup?

Listening to 606 last night; with the legendary Robbie Savage, and another bloke who’s sole purpose seemed to be winding up every caller, brought to my attention that the hot topic at the moment, is the question of seeding the FA cup.
There are strong cases either way. In the case for keeping the FA cup format the same, and not changing to a seeded cup, is simple - the smaller clubs, like Crawley for example, deserve a chance to get to the final. If the tournament were seeded, they would undoubtedly have to beat a top premier league side. This is unlikely to happen, and so the chance of a magical FA cup final, is substantially diminished. But would this system take away the magic of the FA cup?
Well in my opinion, its a no. To me, the FA cup is all about the smaller teams getting a one time only only day out to a big ground - Old Trafford, the Emirates etc. I think that if the smaller clubs win the early rounds, then come the 5th or 6th round, they deserve to have a money making day and fixture against a big team. The seeding would ensure this happens, as well as ensuring that the premier league teams don’t play each other, ridiculously early. 
To this, you may say that this gives smaller teams no chance of getting to the final and winning, which is what makes the cup special. Well, to me, the smaller teams know they wont get to the final; they just want the experience and money making opportunity of playing a big team. Lets face it, a premier league team wins the competition 9/10 times anyway, so would we actually be losing out ? I know the smaller clubs wouldn’t be.
Feedback would be much appreciated!!

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