Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Is there really class in "El Clasico" ?

Laugh if you will, but after watching the latest edition of El Clasico, I just couldn’t help but show my disappointment. Let me explain…
El Classico then, well  you only have to go to its very own wiki page(first result on google) to find that it is the most followed football match in the world. It is obvious to see why; a fantastic rivalry between two parts of the country, that goes far beyond football (supposedly as representing political viewpoints). And the quality of the teams and football probably has a part to play as well. 
So, given the matches are so symbolic, the matches must be an exemplary performance of what a football match should be. WRONG.
Having seen both Barca and Real play each other a fair few times, i am saddened as both a sportsman and football fan. The art of gamesmanship (asking for other players to be booked) seems to have gone way too far. Now I am the first to accept that this too happens in the premier league - but no way near this scale. At the max, 1 or 2 players may ask for a card to be brandished, and this may happen once or twice. But in El Clasico, this art goes much much further - it seems the role of the team to complain to the ref, mostly on a rota, but occasionally (tonight) all at the same time (not to mention, what the hell is the ref supposed to do? ( either book them all, or knock them all out (all 22)). When the whole team becomes involved, it rather turns into a  pub brawl, with inevitable dismissals - rather resembling a playground fight.
Now I don't know about you, but I dont think that a pub brawl deserves the title of greatest and most followed match on earth -  El Clasico

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